Zaļā lapa un grūtāka piramīda

«Liels paldies par lieliskajām rotaļlietām.  Bērni patiesi ir sajūsmā.» Ilva


«Labdien!Paldies, paciņu saņēmu un esmu ļoti apmierināta. Lai Jums labi veicas!» Zane

Koka klucīši

«Ernestam patīk :) Pagaidām gan tikai aptausīt :)» Sandra


«Received…it’s perfect! Thank you for the work that went into it!» Cheryl, USA


«Sveiki! Šodien piramīda «sveika un vesela» ieradās pie mums :) Liek jau likta lietā. Paldies!» Elīna


«Saņēmām :) puika jau kko meistaro,jo slimo pa māju…» Evija

Koka pulkstenis

«Paldies :).  Ir ļoti jauks pulkstentiņš.» Evita

Grūtāka piramīda

«Ja nemaldos tad pie mums ir Jusu pati pirma krasaina piramidinja :) liekas.ka ja butu vel klucisi, krametu un krametu :)» Ieva


«Hello, I received the package today. Geoboards are very good. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!» Юленька, Russia


«Gribēju pateikt paldies par saņemtajām piramīdiņām. Esam sajūsmā meitiņai ļoti patīk. :) Paldies!» Jana


«This geoboard is worth the price! It is solid, functional, and you won’t ever have to buy another. I had purchased three before this for my five year old son all from education related stores and websites — the pegs broke, the pegs weren’t big enough to hold more than two rubber bands, the pegs were too close together for his age, the pegs weren’t positioned properly. This geoboard has none of these problems! Each peg can hold a dozen rubber bands and no problems! It is solid! I would definitely buy it again!» Genevieve, Australia

Zaļā lapa

«I love this toy! I bought this for my 16 month old son for when he develops an interest with fine motor toys. He’s handling the dowel rod pieces and maneuvering them between his fingers. It’s not a choking risk. I’m very much looking forward to when he’s able and interested to using the toy as intended. It’s very solid, thick wood base, and no way a toddler can damage the holes or the base with the dowel rod pieces. Very well made!» Genevieve, Australia