Bruno Toys birth

How it began? A baby came into family with his wishes and needs, and parents’ life rolled over. We wanted to offer our child something special, cute and personal. We could get timber from country side – a pile of wood. Young mother had some free time between changing diapers and  playing with the baby and a desire to create something.

Bruno Toys is a family treasure just like little Bruno , who arrived in the family in May 2014. So small one inspires and parents (Vizma and Arturs) create wooden toys.

Toys' box

Bruno Toys offers eco wooden toys for your child’s joy and development. It began with a wooden block, from what grew up the ALPHABET, NUMBERS, PUZZLES and CONSTRUCTOR.

Toys are made of wood, drawings, letters and numbers formed by burning technique and each toy is coloured with linseed oil or linseed oil stain, which is 100% natural and children friendly. Bruno is playing at home and offers the cutest toys to his friends.

Bruno Toys values
Bruno Toys aRe handmade, bUilt from the heart aNd wood, Original toy.

Handmade – each block has been taken in hands and loved from all sides with sandpaper, painted with care.

From the Heart – the first block was created out of love for the small Bruno, and the rest of blocks step by step built Bruno wooden toy world.

Natural – from Dzerbene’s forests, made out of wood.

Original – each block has a different wooden drawing, with different color, shape and character (rougher or lighter, or more angular).